Trucking K.S. ensures flawless deliveries wherever and whenever you want!

Tailored transport, within and outside Europe

We arrange partial and full loads, we can also take urgent orders with small and large trucks to deliver the goods.

Trucks for every load

We can offer various vans and trucks tailored to specific loads. Vans consisting of tautliners, cabinets and refrigerated, as well as trucks consisting of tautliners, cabinets and refrigerated. We can also offer container transport

Efficient storage close to the logistics flow

To minimise costs, we offer storage facilities as close as possible to the logistics flow. This allows goods to be stored safely for a certain time, without unnecessary additional transport costs.

Consolidation and export of cargoes

We consolidate cargoes in the Netherlands, after which they can be shipped further by container. This provides an efficient and cost-effective way to export goods to various destinations within and outside Europe.

Express deliveries and specialist orders

At Trucking K.S., we understand that there are situations where speed is essential. We specialise in handling rush orders, such as deliveries for the offshore industry or boat deliveries. Our reliable services ensure that your goods get to the right place on time.

Flexible partial batches, within and outside Europe

Whether you have a 10 kg partial batch or a full load, we are ready to ship your goods efficiently. Our services include part loads within and outside Europe, so we can always meet your specific needs.